Executive Recruitment

Key Responsibilities of the Chair

Whilst there is a formal expectation that the LEP Chair Role will require a minimum commitment of 8-10 days per month there must be an understanding that the role will require flexibility in the time commitment given. As an individual our LEP Chair will be driven by a passion and commitment to deliver the activity of role to the very best possible outcomes.

In formality – key responsibilities of the LEP Chair include:

LEP Board: to chair the public meetings of the LEP Board, the decision-making forum of the LEP. Key functions include:

  • ensuring the LEP is seen as local across all parts of its geography and builds strong local partnerships across York & North Yorkshire and the wider Northern geography.
  • setting the strategic direction in respect of economic growth and regeneration, including key funding priorities; ensuring the LEP is inclusive of all parts of the region and that the secretariat operations and decision making protocol are inclusive and equitable for such a geography.
  • proactive communication, consultation and negotiation with key stakeholders regionally and nationally, including politicians, government, businesses and business representative organisations; and
  • approving and maintaining a compliant Assurance Framework. 

Additional roles will be required in the capacity as LEP Chair, working with the Deputy Chairs and wider Board, many may be delegated to Private Sector Board members. However, as a minimum we would expect the LEP Chair or Deputy Chair to undertake the roles listed below

Member, Northern Powerhouse (NP) 11: The eleven northern LEPs brought together by the Northern Powerhouse Minister to support the Government’s vision for the Northern Powerhouse to deliver a programme of activity aligned to the Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review’s Prime Capabilities and include work on energy, supply chains, innovation, and trade and investment (one meeting per month).

Overseas and investor delegations: to lead delegations of political and senior business leaders to/from other regions of the world in order to meet and attract key businesses and investors to the region (overseas visits two to three times per year).

LEP Network Chair Meetings: The National LEP Network operates across all LEPs providing a conduit for LEPs collectively to engage with Central Government. A biannual LEP Chairs meeting provides an opportunity for all LEP Chairs to meet focused around key issues. Other responsibilities taken on as and when required to assist in the focus, enhancement and direction of the work of the LEP.