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About Us

The York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (Y & NY LEP) is geographically the largest, rural, LEP area in the UK. Covering York and North Yorkshire, it is a diverse and robust economy with 32,250 micro and small businesses, those who have less than 50 employees, making up 98.5 per cent of all businesses based in the region.

Its vision is for York and North Yorkshire to become England’s first carbon negative region by transforming the way the economy works and delivering a carbon negative, circular economy increasing productivity and providing higher paid jobs

We are recruiting a new LEP Chair for our main board to help shape and deliver our vision for the region.

What does the York and North Yorkshire LEP do?

The York & North Yorkshire LEP helps to shape future priorities, develop partnerships, and secure both public and private sector investment to deliver economic growth across the region.

Since 2014, the LEP has invested a total of £230m to support business, infrastructure, and skills across York and North Yorkshire including housing, transport, flood alleviation, social inclusion and workforce development. Working closely with skills providers, it helps to ensure the region is meeting employer demand and investing in innovation, facilities and digital technology to deliver skills needed for the future.

Local Industrial Strategy

With unique innovation and industrial capabilities, the region has the resources, knowledge, expertise and capability to position York and North Yorkshire as a prime proving ground for climate solutions and lead the nation’s transition to a carbon neutral, global power. 

The ambition is to leverage this opportunity to deliver economic growth that is good – good for business, good for people and good for the planet.

Alongside this, connecting the capability within and around distinctive places in the region will harness the potential of its highly skilled resident base and provide productivity growth, levelling up local wages, encouraging healthy lifestyles and supporting thriving communities.

You can view the strategy here.